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Are you a Guam military sponsor?

Do you need help?

Need extra legs to streamline your sponsorship duties?

It takes tremendous time to be a sponsor. At Guam One Stop PCS have what it takes to assist your new inbound PCS. We are eager to part-take on your obligation and work as a team so together. We can deliver outstanding experience for your newcomer as they PCS to Guam. Please register your newcomer’s information and your information and one of our agents will contact them on your behalf and keep them well informed on the process as well as progess.


Guam Services

We provide the following accommodations at no additional cost to you: We are your Guam OneStopPCS service all in one roof to save time on searching. We have negotiated a special rate just for you.

Airport Pick Up

Hotel Accommodations

Property Search

Cargo Service

Car Rental

Internet and Cable Service

Mobile Service

Furniture Rental